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In a number of thousand decades, “the Earthlings were being proliferating. To be with the Anunnaki they ended up eager, for foods rations they toiled perfectly. Of heat and dirt they didn't complain, of backbreaking they didn't grumble. Of hardships of labor the Anunnaki were being relieved.”

Ningishzidda also constructed and was the initial confront to the Sphinx. He planned and supervised a castle, temple, planetarium and fighter-jet hangar for his cousin Ninurta at Lagash.

Oxygen carrying capacity in blood equals proportion probable of anxious program use along with your bodies more than all probable electrical capacitance capability.

Nibiran overseers directed products and water together the channels with “a levitation unit that tapped into your magnetic information in the stones–exactly the same way modern-day trains float previously mentioned electromagnetic tracks. The levitation device aided them carry stones heavier than ten tons.

Enlil select for now to maintain key The truth that he knew the place the nukes hid and the way to activate them. [

All who’ve labored within these tunnels come out euphoric; the vibrations within release endorphines and pleasurable sensations in them. The vibrations also purify the water that operates from the pyramid elaborate.

“All daily life in the world, from birds to fishes, flora to algae, and right down to micro organism and viruses–all have the very same DNA, the 4 nucleic acid letters from which all genes and genomes are created. The DNA on the Anunnaki was the same as the DNA of all existence on Nibiru. The DNA on the planet and the DNA on Nibiru were the same.” Our genome–below 30,000 genes–holds 223 genes without evolutionary predecessors. These 223 genes, absent in vertebrae evolution, regulate the human body and mind. The idea of panspermia, that Earth was “seeded from somewhere else,” was incised in clay tablets millennia in the past.

Effectively, all of it started off in the summertime of 2006,with his UFO sightings around Lake Erie, one of several Great Lakes. For your UFO enthusiast, it could initially seem to be just another UFO case among the 1000s of Other individuals and will directory quite soon be set to relaxation. Having said that, since it showed, there was undoubtedly that these UFO sightings were genuine. First of all, Lake Erie can be a “no fly-zone” area, simply because You will find a nuclear energy plant there, and considering that 9/eleven, You will find a 5 mile extensive no fly zone all around Energy plants, nuclear or coal (Michael’s hometown is where by the CEI Electric Electricity Plant is along with the Perry Nuclear electricity plant is close to 18 miles East and can also be located right on Lake Erie)[4].

relates a Nibiran god “whose image was a looking at eye on an elliptical rod” guided 4 clans in boats” from Sumer to Guatemala. “The 4 clans trekked inland, split into many tribes. One particular, the builder скачать Mexica,

Von Ward summarizes some of the evidence: “Eyewitness reports recorded on papyrus, copper, clay, stone, wood and fabrics are available in situ or of acknowledged provenance. Later interpretation of these texts replicate the culture’s file of its conscious Reminiscences.

What This is certainly about – for yourself and for the entire observers serious about your trek – is what’s in between your ears As well as in that anxious process of yours fed from the blood others want. And what you are lacking is systematically handy details – about this, about you, regarding your descent, about your possess biology, with regard to the faculties you have got experienced that have led you to worry and then to new realizations.

Cuzco’s “more mature edifices ended up designed of perfectly Reduce, dressed and shaped stones of brown trachtyte, stones of fantastic size and the oddest shapes that fitted a single into Yet another’s angles with precision and without mortar.”

I asked Michael if he could attract a picture in the gargoyle facial area, but he informed me he can’t attract in the least. I sent him 6 or 7 pictures which can be in general public domain and requested him if any of them corresponds with what he observed, and this is exactly what he informed me about fig. seven

Anu sent daughter Ninmah with 50 feminine professional medical officers to here Earth. Enroute, they stopped on Mars. Anzu’d died but Ninmah revived Anzu from a coma. Over a lakeshore, she and Anzu carved a 1,500 foot substantial statue (a mile extensive on its longest facet) of Alalu’s head on the rock mountain [Cyndonia].

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